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These are links to countries where French is spoken.

A Lovely World Check this site out for great info about many countries!
A Vacation in a French Speaking Country You have joined a French club and the club has deceided to go on a two week vacation to a French speaking country. You have to pick a country and convince everyone to go there.
California Language Institute Access to great various French sites.
Countries of the World An alphabetical list of all the countries, just pick one.
COUNTRIES of the WORLD LINKS This is great site to use for your francophone country reports!
Francophone Countries A list of the French speaking countries in Africa and the Indian Ocean.
Francophone Countries #3 A useful site to check out for your report!
Francophone Countries and Communities in the World 53 of the countries listed in this site, officially belong to "La Francophonie".
Francophone Countries of the World Countries where French is a national language.
French Africa Click here for much info on your French-speaking African country!
French At A Touch You can search by countries or regions of France, features include holidays, architecture, historical, culture, cities and chateaux.
French Country Report Info Click here for useful information for your Francophone country report!
French Speaking Africa Visit any French speaking country in Africa.
French Speaking Countries A listing of all French speaking countries and their sites.
French Speaking Countries Project Click on the resources link to arrive at French speaking countries.
French Speaking Countries Web Quest Choose a country that you would like to visit and see what there is to see.
French Speaking Countries Web Quest Find information about any French speaking country.
iExplore An adventure and travel guide. Just click on the country you want to visit.
Official French-Speaking Countries French is the official language of more than 25 countries.
The Ivory Coast Find out more about the Cote D'Ivoire!
Where in the Francophone World Are You Going? Lots of links to French speaking countries.
World Factbook Choose your country, then look under the topics of introduction, geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues.