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Select one of the journal topics on this page. Begin with a MLA heading. Your title will be Hero journal. (If you can think of something more creative, go for it.) After the title, type the question you have chosen. Begin your answer with a new paragraph. Your journal must have at least 20 sentences. 1. Why have gangs become so prevalent in today's culture? What are gang members seeking that they don't find elsewhere? Explain your answer. 2. Mr. Hassler says that "Sometimes we need to be able to give people a second chance. Animals are no different." Do people always deserve a second chance? Explain your answer.

3. Why do so many cases of child abuse go unreported every year? Where is the line between discipline and child abuse? After all, Mr. Hassler washes Sean's mouth out with soap... Explain your answer. 4. Is it possible to love someone who doesn't love you back? Explain your answer.

5. Who is your hero? Why is this person your hero? What makes him or her so important to you?

This assignment is due at the beginning of the period on Wednesday, October 9th.