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Everything you need to know about the French bike race, Tour de France.

2002 Tour de France Index While this site is an index to the 2002 race, it also is a source for the history and course map.
Bicycling Magazine Search this site for more info!
Coach Carl's take on the Tour de France A coach's point of view about preparation for the Tour de France.
ESPN's Site for the Tour de France Surf here for even more information about the greatest cycling race!
Eurocycler Eurocycler's info on the tour.
Lance Armstrong An in-depth interview with Lance Armstrong.
LE TOUR-official site Check this out for more news about the Tour!
MORE on the TOUR de FRANCE Check this site out!
Sports Illustrated Photos of the Tour de France.
Tour de France Cycling news presents the 90th Tour de France, 2003.
Tour de France The history of the Tour de France, including champions, multiple winners and other resources.
Tour de France '03 Everything and anything about the Tour de France and more.
Tour de France for Americans Check this site out for an American view!
TOUR DE FRANCE NEWS Click here to find out the latest on the Tour.