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Links to sites that have information on famous French people.

Art Encyclopedia Links to famous French artists.
Biographie 19902 Biographies, 4753 in French. Choose your language, then type in the person you are looking for-VOILA!!
Des Artistes Francophones List of famous French artists.
Early Start French Links to some famous French people.
Famous French Citizens Explore the goals and achievements of famous French citizens throughout history to the present.
Famous French people! Search this site for hundreds of famous French people!
Famous French Scientists This site presents you some of France's most famous scientists.
Favourite Sites for French People This site links to artists, writers, actors, inventors, and people in history.
French Artists Artists and the Impressionist Movement.
French Biographies The list of biographies includes artists, scientists, statesmen, adventurers, and athletes.
French Culture This site is about famous Frenchmen and Frenchwomen.
French Explorers Jolliet, La Salle, Marquette and other French explorers.
French Impressionism An Internet Hotlist on French Impressionists.
French People Webquest This WebQuest will guide you for research on Famous French people.
FRENCH STARS! Find out more about famous French Stars!
French Webquest This site includes links to French artists, musicians, political leaders, scientists, and writers.
Great names in the French Canadian community Check this site out for famous Canadians!
International Joan of Arc Society A repository of scholarly and pedagogic information about Joan of Arc collected by faculty, independent scholars, and students.
Joan of Arc Information about Joan of Arc.
Joan of Arc Museum Her life, her times, the trial, the sword, the banner, the suit of armor, and a history of the Hundred Years War.
Joan of Arc Online Archive This is an archive of information designed to present Joan of Arc as she was described in the historical documents. Site includes an overview of her life and trial, trial documents and letters.
More famous French people An updated site with good links to current famous French people.
Napoleon's Grave This site gives a brief biography of Napoleon and shows where he is buried.
Napoleonic Guide This is the perfect reference source for everything you need to know about the life and times of Napoleon Bonaparte.
Photoplay This is the site for French actors and actresses.
Wikipedia A useful resource site for famous French people.
Yahooligans! Links to 16 famous French people.