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Here are some great art webstites that I have found. If you have more to add please contact me.

Adobe Digital Kids Tips and lessons for digital photography and digital video.
Art Education Association of Indiana This is the website for the state of Indiana's Art Educators.
Art Lesson Plans Lesson Plans in the Visual Arts.
Art Quotations This is a large collection of art quotations.
Art Source A gathering point for networked resourcs on Art and Architecture.
Arts Ed net Lesson plans and curriculum ideas, image galleries, and exhibitions from the Getty.
District 1 of AEAI AEAI's Northwest Indiana art educators site (district 1).
Home School Arts An extensive resource for parents and teachers.
Huntsville City Schools, AL Lessons from Huntsville City Elementray Schools in Alabama.
Keep the Arts in School An arts advocacy site.
Kinder-Art Art lessons submitted by teachers.
Lesson Planning Toolkit This is a program that you can purchase that will help you arrange lesson plans and show which standards it relates to.
National Art Education Association NAEA's website for all Art Educators.
National Gallery of Art Teacher Exchange Teacher exchange and interdisciplinary curriculum ideas from Alumni of the National Gallery of Art Teacher Institute.
Photography and Art In-depth photography lesson plans from Kodak.
Sanford Art This website has various games for students to play while learning about art.
Scribbles - Art Projects .
Teach Art Try these complete lesson plans, tied to the National Visual Arts Standards. Complete with background information and downloadable visual resources. A comprehensive website for teachers.
The @rt Room Resources for art are available here.
The Art Kids Art lessons K-6.
The Incredible Art Department Lots of resources, lesson plans, websites, etc. - just about everything can be found here
The Virtual Art Room Resources to help teachers imbed digital media into teaching and learning.
These are a few of our favorite things... Two teachers from Florida share their favorite websites, technology, and software.