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***This information is from the 2006-2007 school year. I was at a different school in a different district working with a different age group. I am not presently using the behavior sheets shown here.***

The behavior and personal responsibility habits of some students are closely monitored in order to avoid problems.

These students each have a personalized paper for their teacher(s) to record their progress on a daily basis.

Rewards are given in the resource room for successfully accomplishing goals, returning the paper, and obtaining a parent's signature.

Behaviors monitored may include:

completing homework

completing classwork

staying on task

respecting others

following directions

any other behaviors as necessary

No more than 3-4 behaviors are targeted at a time, and all are chosen according to the student's needs.

Some students are required to report to the resource room daily with their points; others come weekly with points.

The students are responsible for having their teacher(s) rate the behaviors, getting a parent signature, and bringing it all to the resource room at the designated time. The most important goal for these students is to become more responsible.

Of course, they always have the support system of their teachers and the resource room!

See examples of behavior sheets listed in the bottom left side of the screen.

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