Rushville Consolidated High School
1201 Lions Path
Rushville, Indiana 46173

My husband, Dr. Craig Fenimore

This is a picture of me with my husband, Craig. We have been married 19+ years! This was taken as we were celebrating my husband's promotion to a black belt!


This is my 14 year old daughter, Chelsea, a freshman at RCHS. She loves to read, draw, play her clarinet, march in the band, and cheer on the Colts! She is currently a brown belt in karate, working towards her black belt.


This is our youngest daughter, Kera, a 7th grader at BRMS. She loves to write, draw, and socialize--especially on the computer or cell phone! Kera is also a brown belt in karate, but has a ways to go before her black belt promotion.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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