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6th Grade Health Book
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6th Grade Health Text


  • 6th Grade Health Text called Teen Health Course 1 by Glencoe

Chapter 1 - Living a Healthy Life.
Lesson 1: Your Health and Wellness.
Lesson 2: Building Health Skills.
Lesson 3: Decisions and Your Character.
Lesson 4: Setting Health Goals.

Chapter 2 - Mental and Emotional Health
Lesson 1: Feeling Good About Yourself.
Lesson 2: Understanding Your Emotions.
Lesson 3: Managing Stress.

Chapter 3 - Social Health.
Lesson 1: Your Family
Lesson 2: Your Friends and Peers.
Lesson 3: Communication: More Than Words
Lesson 4: Resolving Conflicts.

Chapter 4 - Personal Health.
Lesson 1: Your Teeth, Skin and Hair.
Lesson 2: Protecting Your Eyes and Ears.
Lesson 3: Choosing Health Products.
Lesson 4: Health Care in Your Community.

Chapter 5 - Nutrition and Physical Activity.
Lesson 1: Why Your Body Needs Nutritients.
Lesson 2: Following a Balanced Food Plan.
Lesson 3: Making Healthful Food Choices.
Lesson 4: The Benefits of Physical Activity.
Lesson 5: Setting Fitness Goals.

Chapter 6 - Growth and Development.
Lesson 1: From Cells to Body Systems.
Lesson 2: Bones, Muscles, Blood, and Lungs.
Lesson 3: Nerves and Digestion.
Lesson 4: Adolescence: A Time of Change.
Lesson 5: Heredity and Growth.

Chapter 7 - Preventing Diseases.
Lesson 1: Causes of Diseases.
Lesson 2: Communicable Diseases.
Lesson 3: Understanding STDs.
Lesson 4: Noncommunicable Diseases.

Chapter 8 - Tobacco.
Lesson 1: Why Tobacco is Harmful.
Lesson 2: Staying Tobacco Free.

Chapter 9 - Alcohol and Other Drugs.
Lesson 1: Why Alcohol is Harmful.
Lesson 2: Using Medicines Responsibly.
Lesson 3: What are Illegal Drugs?
Lesson 4: Staying Drug Free.

Chapter 10 - Safety and the Environment.
Lesson 1: Personal Safety.
Lesson 2: Safety at Home and Away.
Lesson 3: Safety Outdoors.
Lesson 4: First Aid for Emergencies.
Lesson 5: Protecting our Environment.

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